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GreekBiz is a purely online information portal under the universal management of Aegean Development and its purpose is to manage requests for investors who either want to make use of the Golden Visa issuance right granted by the Greek Government, or simply want to place capital them in energy infrastructures of licensed operational photovoltaic parks or in licensed and under construction photovoltaic parks and to enjoy the long-term security of the placement of the investment.

At the same time, low-level investment is offered in Intellectual Property Rights primary production units owned exclusively for Greece and the European Union by Aegean Development and they concern free-range organic egg production units which specifically offer:

The use of production infrastructures that combine the modern primary sector in Greece and the European Union

Operation of the unit using IOT systems to monitor infrastructure at air quality levels,

  • recording the internal temperature of each cage,
  • recording the humidity of each cage,
  • recording the presence of microparticles of each cage,
  • recording the different levels of gases inside the cage,
  • monitoring with IP cameras in real time mode that check the living conditions of the chickens inside each cage,
  • recording with UV sensors to protect our livestock during periods of harmful intense solar radiation,
  • provision of energy autonomy using photovoltaic systems installed on the roof of each cage
  • as well as the possibility for the production unit to self-produce the feed it needs through the cultivation of organic barley sprouts in special aseptic areas with a controlled environment fully controlled by an AI system

This is a feed rich in protein, metal elements, as well as very important nutritional value since ancient times, as barley was the main food that the great Hippocrates used to deal with various health problems

The Greek Biz Support Team

Greg Melas


With a long-term experience in renewable energy systems, has served from 2010 – 2016 as secretary of the Hellenic association ELLEAΒION whose founding goals are the dissemination and use of biomass systems in Greece.

Greg in direct cooperation with the Center for Renewable Energy Sources of of Greece, has served in the largest and oldest energy group in Greece as a strategic marketing consultant for all the activities of the group.

Activities which include more than 54 joint-stock companies in sectors such as the first private District Heating Unit of Serres, the innovative three-product Hydroponic Organic Cultivation Unit in Drama with production of both electrical energy from the burning of natural gas, as well as the production of traffic light bell peppers that cover 85% of the domestic demand.

Parallel from the burning of natural gas you produce and store the precious CO2 for the growth of the plants, the first desalination unit in Milos which covers its energy balance from the use of a wind unit and fully covers the island’s table-desalinated water needs for 365 days a year, photovoltaic park units per area, wind parks per area as well as being the commercial representative of Vestas in Hellas.

Greg has an expertise for Smart City Solutions projects with the Aegean Development company, energy studies, as the Aegean Development company is an energy consultant both to businesses and to various agencies. As it has implemented dozens of street lighting, harbor lighting, business projects, as well as being the first Greek company to build the “first solar bench of Kos” in Greece and combine it with software infrastructure and IOT functions.

Nancy Petratou

Business Customer Support

Nancy has a long-term experience in customer management with her involvement in large local companies.

Fotini Theodosiou

Partnership Development & Networking Specialist

Fotini specializes in fostering strategic alliances and collaborations that drive growth and mutual benefit for businesses and organizations. With a keen eye for identifying potential partners, she excels in cultivating relationships, understanding the unique needs and goals of each party involved, ensuring that partnerships are not only formed but also nurtured for long-term success.

Nota Sofiou

Public Relations Manager

Nota was raised in Piraiki in Piraeus. From a very young age, she entered the field of Greek shipping.
She is the first female maritime agent of ocean liners with her own company and has served as a manager of ship-owning companies based abroad. She also has vast experience in insurance and business risk coverage.
Her experience in customer management and support matters is essential in every partnership.

Financial Department

Legal Support

Department of Service, Submission, and Management
of files for Golden Visa